How Much Should You Spend on a First Ecig Starter Kit for CBD oil?

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Looking for an alternative to the traditional cigarette? E-cigarette starter kits for CBD oil are evolving as the new and safer alternative for both non-smokers and the environment. An e-cigarette starter kit can be purchased for as low as $27.50 and the kit comes with one electronic cigarette rechargeable battery. 5 tobacco flavored cartridges with superior flavor quality. 1 charger adapter, 1 power lead and instructions manual and a 12 month manufacture replacement warranty. Of course one could always pay more depending upon preference and if money will not be an issue. For those who have some more money to spend, an ecig starter kit by White Cloud Cigarettes might be a good idea. Check our site for coupons to save up to 15% on this brand. Read through to learn more about other e-cig starter kits and other valuable money saving tips for new e-cig smokers!

In addition, along with the e-cigarette starter kit for cbd the consumer receives 5 tobacco flavored cartridges which have average lifetime as equivalent to 20 – 30 cigarettes. The other alternative would be to be purchase for an additional $5 the e-cigarette cartomizers which are universally interchangeable and easily replace the basic e-cig cartridge instead. The e-cig starter kit battery can last up 200-275 puffs depending of course upon how often the e-cig is used.

Discounts and coupons are available upon visiting most e-cig websites and signing up to receive cbd liquid e-cigarette discounts and coupons. E-cig providers allow for opting in by signing up with the providers mailing service. One incentive and discount for the smoker choosing an e-cig starter kit as opposed to the traditional cigarette is that most smokers will not experience negative side effects such as are caused through smoking real tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes are found to be safer by eliminating the toxic chemicals used in real tobacco. This in addition is a huge discount for those that do not smoke as chances of inhaling second hand smoke are slim to none. This also proves to be a win-win and a huge incentive for promoting healthier air quality while ensuring the smoker is able to in-hale actual nicotine without all the smelly smoke and air pollution.

Additional discounts can add up quick for those that choose e-cigarette starter kits as an alternative to tobacco products which incur recurring taxes per each purchase, both by the pack or purchasing by the carton. Additional discounts and coupons can be found by shopping online with most e-cig providers, we have for example a lot of coupons for Smokeless Image and other brands like eSmoke. One such website offers an e-cig blue pack which can be purchased for around $25 that’s a $2.50 discount as opposed to my first online search for discounted e-cigarette starter kits. The e-cig blue pack comes with 1 battery, 1 atomizer, 4 cartridges and 1 USB charger.

Carson city employers told “prepare for legalized marijuana”

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Carson city employers told “prepare for legalized marijuana”

Employers from Carson City, NV, have been advised by a representative from a Colorado-based drug testing company to prepare for the strong possibility that by the end of the year, the Silver State could join Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon in achieving full legalized marijuana status.

Brilliant, we thought. A drugs testing company from Colorado which wants to discuss marijuana in the workplace. Perhaps Jo McGuire, Director of Compliance and Corporate Training at Conspire, who spoke at a local Marijuana in the Workplace seminar on Friday, would talk about how businesses could fairly incorporate medicinal marijuana use into their workplace drug policies? After all, Nevada has already legalized marijuana for medical purposes and the state, at present, has around 14,000 patients.

We were also hoping that McGuire would explain to would-be drugs testers how industrial hemp (used to create CBD products) still contains trace amounts of THC but it isn’t enough to get people high. Furthermore, we were hoping that she would discuss the need for medicinal marijuana users to have vape breaks, after all, vaping is the healthiest way to get the benefits from cannabis through conduction and convection.

But she didn’t.

There was no bias from the spokeswoman from Colorado. She even knocked vaping, saying:

“The new delivery methods for marijuana make it hard to monitor. Edibles such as granola bars and chocolate bars look like any other snack and vaping pot doesn’t smell so employees can take a break, use a vape pen and go undetected”.

Oh, the horror.

vaping CBD at work

McGuire scare mongered local businesses into thinking that vaporizers and cannabis edibles were wolves in sheep’s clothing and blamed marijuana for costing small businesses up to $7,000 a month in lost productivity. This was, in her opinion, down to weed being “a completely different product than it was in Cheech and Chong’s day.” In what she called the Woodstock days, McGuire claimed that marijuana used to only contain two to three percent THC, but now, thanks to legalization and the proliferation of ways to ingest pot, the levels have skyrocketed. THC in cannabis is now “routinely 20 to 30 percent and even as high as 90 percent!” McGuire said. And that, she claims, has negative consequences for employers who operate in a state where there’s legalized marijuana.

But is she right?

Well, she is right about one thing, pot certainly does and will continue to evolve over time. After all, it’s in a cannabis grower’s nature. Or maybe it’s just laissez-faire, who knows. Whatever it is, though, there’ll never be a shortage of people who’ll want to try and outdo their competitors. Someone, somewhere is always going to try and make something bigger, stronger or, in the case of marijuana, more potent.

But – and this is where we think McGuire is wrong – most people don’t tend to pick a strong strain of weed to smoke during the day. A strain like Bruce Banner #3 is not, what you would call, someone’s every day, go to choice, especially if they’re going to work. (BB#3 is nearly five times more potent than what federal researchers – and most marijuana aficionados -consider being the norm for THC levels).

And yes, whilst there are indeed successful business owners, entrepreneurs and five-star employees who use cannabis daily to power through their working hours, they’re people who have embraced the 420 lifestyle since they were very young. Veteran cannabis connoisseurs have the ability to control their high so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by the herb. Rather, they can harness the buzz they get from the plant and turn it into productivity, creativity and motivation. As one forum member explains, when they vape, the high they feel is much “clearer, less disorientating, with no feeling of burnout or tiredness.” A more rousing type of high, if you will, compared to that of a joint or a bong.

Admittedly, this isn’t the same for everybody, not everyone vaper believes that the high they get from vaping is any different. Regardless, though, not every smoker/vaper/edible eater is confident enough to use cannabis somewhere that’s well out of their comfort zone. And let’s face it, most people with a job don’t want to lose it, so they wouldn’t risk their livelihood on a chance to get high in what’s essentially enemy territory. We feel that, on the whole, if people are going to be vaping marijuana at work, it’s going to be for medicinal purposes, using CBD products which don’t have any psychoactive effects and therefore, can’t negatively affect performance. If anything, legalized marijuana should improve productivity, and an employee’s mood too.

Despite all these arguments, though, McGuire continued her seminar by saying that it was key for the companies of Carsen City to write a strict written Drugs and Alcohol policy now before the full legalization of marijuana could come into play.

However, when she started talking about random drugs testing in the workplace, McGuire became a bit vague about how to form a fair drug testing policy. We’re talking almost politician vague. After all, the effects of THC last on average, two to six hours after entering the body, but traces of the chemical compound can still show up in a drugs test up to several weeks afterward. So how does smoking, vaping or eating cannabis after work or over the weekend impact possible disciplinary hearings after a positive test result? Not to mention that medicinal marijuana users too will have trace amounts of THC in their system that can show up positive on drugs tests.

“Communicate [your policies] effectively to all employees and enforce it uniformly. If a business plans to do random testing, for example, the business must be consistent and not discriminate. If you’re going to call it a random test, then test everyone. Otherwise, test someone for reasonable suspicion.”

In our minds, fair and random don’t go hand in hand with reasonable suspicion.

So if a boss finds out that someone in their workforce uses medicinal marijuana do they test everyone to find out who it is because someone blew the whistle on them? Or does the boss keep an eye out for the poor sucker who next comes back from a lunch break at Taco Bell, red-eyed from hay fever and laughing at a random thought that popped into their head?

Only time will tell for marijuana users who work in Carson City.

To conclude her seminar, McGuire bolstered the crowd at the luncheon event by saying that the Colorado Supreme Court routinely rules on the side of employers when the employer has had a well-documented and consistently applied drug policy.

Well-documented and consistent? Is that the same as fair and random? Again, only time will tell.

More about McGuire’s ‘facts and figures’ and Nevada’s push for full legalized marijuana status.
Government data about weed’s evolving potency isn’t reliable.

The ‘facts and figures’ which McGuire used in her seminar just goes to show how incomplete government data encourages the pervasive pot myth that modern-day marijuana is astronomically powerful, and therefore, a terrible, terrible thing. Even if it’s legalized marijuana. For years, people have talked about it like it’s conventional wisdom. But we don’t think it is and we’re not the only ones who think so.

“It’s fair to be skeptical. Back then the predominant method for quantitation was gas chromatography, which is not quite appropriate for cannabinoid quantitation. This is because [it] heats up the test material before analysis, which alters the chemical profile—including breaking down the THC molecule.” – Michael Kahn, President of Massachusetts Cannabis Research.

The federal government has been testing marijuana potency for more than 40 years and has long acknowledged the limitations to its methodologies. Ultimately, the National Institute on Drug Abuse Potency found that all their results have a “large variation within categories and over time.” This is partly due to what they tested – since the early 70s most cannabis which was examined came from law enforcement seizures which varied dramatically in scope and type – and partly down to the age of the samples. Researchers made no attempt to compensate for the loss of THC during prolonged storage.

Researchers found what looked like a continuous and significant increase in potency in the late 1970s. But normalizing those findings showed there was “an increase up to 1977 with a slight decline in 1978 and a significant decline in 1979. – Journal of Forensic Science.

It’s like George Carlin always said, don’t trust the government. And like we say, always take facts and figures about marijuana, no matter where they’re from, with a grain of salt.

Nevada’s campaign to achieve full legalized marijuana status.

Initiative Petition 1 is a measure that, if approved by voters, will allow anyone over 21 years of age to legally use cannabis for recreational purposes. It will mean that Nevada will have gained full legalized marijuana status.

Already thirteen prominent Nevada officials have announced their endorsement to the cause. Question 2, which will appear on the November 8 general election ballot will make the possession and use of marijuana legal for individuals 21 years of age and older and will establish a system of regulations for the production and distribution of marijuana.

That’s great for glorified ganja lovers, but how would Question 2 affect the cannabis industry?

Well, the Nevada Department of Taxation would issue licenses to marijuana retailers, suppliers, testing facilities, and distributors, but they would determine the qualifications for licensing and they could exercise their power to limit the number of licenses issued. Local governments would be allowed to control exactly where cannapreneurs could set up shop and they’d have to pay a 15 percent excise tax on wholesale sales of marijuana.

We’re sure that Nevada will be able to cope just fine.

Kangertech subvod starter kit guide and review

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As someone who started their vaping cbd journey using the KangerTech SUBVOD Starter Kit, I thought it prudent to write a comprehensive review on the quality, value, and price of this entry-level set-up.

If you are browsing our site searching for a place to start, then look no further than this review. As someone who researched endlessly before committing to this vaporizer for cbd, the KangerTech SUBVOD won out among all of the rest and became my first vape kit.

Design / Materials

The KangerTech (we just call it Kanger) SUBVOD Starter Kit is available in the U.S. and Europe. Luckily, here in the U.S., our version is the same except we get a 3.2ml size liquid capacity, while in Europe, they only have 1.9ml! But we’ll get to that later.

Before we get into the details, you should know what SUBVOD means. SUBVOD is a term used to describe the battery, which is a mod style with a fixed voltage and wattage. This provides a device that is easy to use without a ton of dials to figure out or settings to use.

This device is great for vapers who want a sub-ohm experience (in this case, the SUBVOD is fixed at 0.5 ohms and fires up the atomizer at 3.7 volts). Many cbd vaporizer pens allow you to adjust the voltage, but the SUBVOD is a starter kit, so the output is fixed at 3.7 volts, which is perfect for a sub ohm experience for beginners who don’t want to fiddle around with settings before knowing how to do it.

This SUBVOD is constructed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, just like the EVOD is, so you don’t have to worry about it rolling off your desk on accident. The body will withstand the shock.

The measurements are as follows: 18.5mm in diameter, 90mm in length, and 57g in weight. This is a nice portable size that is thicker than an E-Cig but still slim and not at all bulky.

The KangerTech SUBVOD comes in the following colors:

Stainless Steel

The design of this vaporizer is quite simple. The KangerTech SUBVOD is made up of 5 main parts (listed from bottom to top):

1300mAh built-in battery
Airflow control base
Kanger Toptank Nano & Atomizer Tube
Drip Tip (the mouthpiece)


Your KangerTech SUBVOD kit will arrive with the following contents:

1 x Kanger 1300mAh SUBVOD battery
1 x Kanger 3.2ml Toptank Nano Clearomizer
1 x 0.5 ohm stainless steel organic cotton coil
1 x Extra Pyrex glass (for the Toptank)
1 x Micro USB Cable for Charging
User Manual

KangerTech SUBVOD Features

1300mAh Built-In Battery
Single Button Operation
3.7 Volts — Fixed Output
SSOCC Coil: 0.5 ohm
Airflow Control
Minimum resistance is 0.4 ohm
Short Circuit Protection
Low Resistance Protection
Overcharge Protection
10 Second Cut-Off
Spring Loaded 510 Connector
LED Charging Capable
Passthrough Capable

Battery and Body: Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel
510 Threaded
18.5mm Diameter
90mm Length
57g Weight


The battery of the Kanger is one of the best parts of this starter kit. Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, this battery features a 1300mAh built-in battery. This is an impressive size battery in such a compact pen-style vaporizer and is one of many selling points of this model.

It is also very easy to use. No experience? No problem. This SUBVOD has a single button operation. To turn on, simply press the button 5 times in a row — the light around the button will flash to indicate that it is on. You can immediately start vaping once you have filled up the tank with your choice of E-Juice (and have primed the cotton in your coil). We will go into that in a bit.

To turn off the vape pen, simply press the button again 5 times — it will flash and turn off.

If you ever forget if you have turned it off or not (I have about a million times), simply press the button once to see if it lights up. If not, it is completely off, if it lights up (as it does when you press the button to vape), then you need to turn it off.

There are a few great safety features included in this model that make it easier and safer to user for beginners. For example, there is a 10 second cut-off that will stop the vaping process after the button is held down for more than 10 seconds. This ensures that the coil isn’t damaged and that there will not be any shorts. In addition, there is low resistance protection and short circuit protection so that you can feel quite safe trying out this SUBVOD even as a complete novice.

Charging Battery

Charging is also very simple. When your SUBVOD is ready for a charge, the button LED will flash suddenly when you press the button. This means it is dead. When you hook up the Micro USB cable to charge it, you will get a red LED charging indicator. When charging is complete, the LED will turn green. Simple!

Included in your starter kit is a Micro USB charging cable. You can charge it by connecting one end to the bottom of the battery like you would your cell phone or tablet, and insert the USB end into a USB port (from your computer, TV, or in-wall charger). You can purchase an in-wall USB charger adapter, but it is not necessary in most cases.

One of the great parts about this battery is it is passthrough capable. This means that you can vape as you charge it. A lot of vape pens do not allow this and waiting hours can be inconvenient. You’re kept safe vaping while charging with the short circuit protection and other safety features that will keep you safe.

Kanger Toptank Nano

The Toptank Nano is personally, my favorite part of this device, When choosing my first vape pen, I wanted something that was durable and would last. This meant that the tank needed to be Pyrex glass rather than plastics that are often used in vaporizers.


Here are the specs of the Toptank Nano included in the SUBVOD:

Constructed out of Aluminum Alloy
Pyrex Glass with 3.2ml Liquid Capacity
Top and Bottom Filling Design Options
Coil: 0.5 ohm Stainless Steel OCC (also referred to as SSOCC)
1 Kanger SSOCC 0.5 ohm Atomizer Head included
Four Wide-Slotted Airflow Options
Direct-Lung Inhale from 15W to 60W
Easily Replaceable Drip Tip (the mouthpiece)
18.5mm Diameter
Length of the Toptank Nano: 42mm (not including the 510 threading and drip tip)
Weight: 41g
510 Drip Tip Compatible

Coil: Kanger SSOCC Atomizer Head

The coil used in this SUBVOD is called an SSOCC atomizer head. Using genuine organic japanese cotton, this coil is what heats up the liquid and vaporizes it as you inhale. It is the heart of the vape pen.

What I didn’t know prior to vaping was that the coil (the atomizer head) would need replacing semi-often. Depending on how much you vape, how you vape (E-Juice for this product), and the consistency of the E-Juice/E-Liquid you use (based on the VG/PG content), your coil could need replacing in as little as every 3 days for heavy users to a couple of weeks with light users using a certain E-Juice. This is because the Genuine Organic Japanese Cotton that is used can burn out quickly or slowly depending on use.

Below, you will find the information I was not aware of that will hopefully help you prepare for replacing the coils, such as buying them with your initial order and knowing exactly which kind to purchase for replacement.

Take a look at the orientation of the Toptank nano and Coil/Atomizer Head before moving on to priming your new coil and filling up your tank with E-Juice.

Replacing Your Coil

Replacing your coil is easier than you think. You can purchase replacement coils online or in your local vape store. For this model, simply get a 0.5 ohm SSOCC or OCC coil by Kangertech. The only difference between the two is “SS” stands for stainless steel.

The OCC coil will have the same red seal ring on it for easy identification and will be square rather than cylindrical. That is perfectly fine and it will fit perfectly in your SUBVOD. You also have the choice to purchase what is called a Clapton coil. Personally, I would recommend sticking with the SSOCC or OCC coil replacements made by Kangertech.

Priming Your Coil Before Use!

Before you use your KangerTech SUBVOD for the first time, and before using it after every coil replacement, it is extremely important that you prime it correctly first. It’s quite simple.

Soak your new coil
Take your coil and put a drop of your E-Juice/E-Liquid into the holes where the cotton can be seen. Do this on both sides. Be sure no excess juice gets into the air hole, otherwise you will get E-Liquid spit into your mouth when you do vape.

Fill Toptank Nano
Next, fill your tank with E-Juice and screw back the coil base. Wait at least 30 seconds before vaping in order to give the coil enough time to absorb the E-Liquid into the cotton. Not giving it enough time will end up burning the dry cotton when you fire up the atomizer.

And that’s it! With every new coil, simply make sure you place a drop of liquid into the cotton and after filling your tank up, wait at least 30 seconds (10 minutes is really preferred, especially if it is the first time using this device) so the cotton can absorb the E-Juice nicely. This will make sure your coil will last as long as possible.


The KangerTech SUBVOD has a huge following among new vapers and for good reason — this is an excellent quality vape pen that has a very decent battery life for the size, an easy to use experience, safeguards, build and material quality, vapor production, aesthetic look, and excellent value.

For those starting out, this is the perfect vaporizer to start with. I, myself, started out with the KangerTech SUBVOD (I got the stainless steel color) and this easy to use sub-ohm vape pen was extremely smooth and easy to operate.


I liked that it used a Pyrex glass tank and included an extra replacement tank just in case. The Pyrex was important to me, because after a lot of research, I found that many vaporizers used plastic or inferior tank materials that allowed the E-Juice to ruin it, stick to it, or burn the flavor into it. So far, my tank has held up perfectly being made of Pyrex glass, and even after cleaning it out, it looks brand new.


You can purchase the KangerTech SUBVOD in a ton of places online and in-store at your local vape shop. Another attractive aspect of this vape pen is the price.

KangerTech’s online website sells this starter kit for $40.90, but you can find it cheaper online. sells it for only $28.95 and includes an optional discounted 30ml Max VG E-Liquid add-on that you can include in your purchase for only $9.99. You can also choose from their “flavors of the month” and add-on an E-Liquid for between $4.99 and $4.99 on top of that. sells this SUBVOD kit for $29.98 and ships from Boca Raton, FL. This is where I purchased my SUBVOD as I live in Florida and received it quickly. Excellent shipping and product.

Some websites will only have certain color options available and some may be sold out due to popularity, so do some looking around and price-checking before buying.